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A Hospital Gift

Today is a special day for a family friend of mine. We are sitting here in the hospital waiting for the pitocin to kick in. In almost completed silence and listening to the monitor of the baby's movement, this is breathtaking. It's safe to say that there is something beautiful going to happen. This Mother is sitting waiting to feel contractions, it's actually quite funny. She's at a 6 and hasn't felt contractions, even though the screen is showing huge contractions. The I.V. only took 8 pricks and stabs to her arms to actually work. It's very different to experience someone else going through the birthing process. When I was brought into the hospital it was a very fast and anticipating process. Actually sitting and being patient for me is very hard, so waiting for this baby is unique and a challenge for me. I was asked to take pictures of the hospital stay. I've been sitting here listening to giggles from the mother, and her husband. Listening to apologie…

A Piece of Hope From Someone Who Had Lost It

Hope. It is sometimes a really hard thing to have. In life, we find ourselves in situations we can’t understand. Whether it be infertility, an unexpected pregnancy, relationship problems, health conditions, the death of loved ones, or any other life changing situation, we have all lost hope. We have all found ourselves in that place where we are so overwhelmed and can’t find the way out.
There are adoptive couples who struggle with being chosen to raise a child and complete their family. There are failed adoption placements. There are children who cannot find their birth parents. There are birth parents who are promised openness to see their birth child, and then never get to see that beautiful child again. There are families who are torn apart by illness or divorce. There are families who lose children, parents, and spouses. There are women who find themselves alone, scared, and pregnant. There are an endless amount of situations that are difficult and challenging. And this is where …

The Love of a Birth Mother

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Yes, it was hard, so hard, but I had to put that aside and focus on doing the right thing for the child growing inside of me. Being 16 and pregnant was not easy. I was going to school everyday and going to LDS Seminary every morning, which started at 6:25 a.m.. Socially, my mom and I kept it a secret from everyone except Parker, my bishop, my church leader, and my caseworker. Once I was about 4 months along, and showing pretty big, we let my school know, my family know, and my church know. The reactions to the big news were not as bad as most would be. I was supported greatly in school and church, the reaction of my family was hard to bear.

I had some siblings that became overprotective and some that distanced themselves a lot from me. My mom helped me through a lot, and I am forever grateful for her. People would ask me why I chose to place my child in an adoption. My answer is one that I will always stand by. I want to giv…

Introduction of Myself

In 1997 a little girl was born. She was born to 2 parents, and 3 older sisters. As she reached age 8 she had gotten 3 younger brothers too. She was 1 of 7 children. Her name is Makena. I thought about writing this in 3rd person the whole time, but it didn't seem right. So I will finish this shortened story normally. In April of 2012, I was in 8th grade. And it was a life-changing month for me. On the 15th my dad had gotten in a car accident. He hit a horse on the high way, he was on his way to Las Vegas for a business trip. Of all things to hit, it was a pregnant horse. He was in a Comma for exactly 5 days, once everyone who needed to see him had said their goodbyes he passed away on his own. That trial in my life led me to meet so many amazing people and I have learned a lot of lessons since. After my dad passed away I went looking for male attention and love in all the wrong places. November of 2013 I had found myself in a very unknown position. I found out I was pregnant, and i…