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The Elephant and The Box

It would be so easy for me to deny that I was a birthmother. I haven't simply because I love being a birthmother. I could never deny something like that. I love how big my family has grown because of one choice I made.

Due to the decisions I made in my past, it led me to where I am now. I learned to embrace the consequences of those decisions. Not all consequences are bad. Mistakes often lead to gaining experience and blessings.

And most people don't realize that. I'm often seen as the elephant in the room when it comes to experiences in life.

I haven't met someone with the exact same experiences as myself, but I have found one person here or there that have experienced similar things. There is only one thing we can do with those experiences.

Use them to our advantage and teach others to help them through their own trials. Hiding our experiences in a box under the bed isn't going to help us move forward. We don't have to be the elephant in the room. I pro…

Dear Person Who Called Me Irresponsible And Seventeen

Yes I am seventeens years old. Yes I chose to place my child in an open adoption. And yes I took all the responsibility for my actions, and the other birth parent's actions. And yes that means I am responsible. There are no sides for who's the better birth parent. There is a child in a beautiful family and home that will have a successful life. That is all that matters. There are no sides in adoption. There is family.  If someone chooses to not be a part of that, it's their decision that should be respected. If I can respect that decision, then so can anyone else. I may not agree with that person's decisions, but I can be the bigger person and respect them. Just like I hope people to respect my decision, that I placed my birth child and chose to have a relationship with that child.This is for someone special. Hopefully the message gets across. Have a nice day. -Love Makena, a birthmother with feelings and agency.

Dear High School Students

Dear High School Students,
I know you're just a human, but I also know that every action is a decision. Being in high school is hard. Being in a public high school with thousands of peers is hard. What is also very hard is being an expectant parent and in high school.
The thing is, let's be real, a lot of teenagers have premarital intercourse. Yes, sex if you don't know what the term intercourse is. In high school, you get judged, we've learned that growing up. You get judged on the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you eat, how much you eat, how many friends you have, how many friends you don't have, your race, your gender, your nationality, your ethnicity, your religion, your sexual orientation, you hair color, your bra size, your body size, who you're related to, who you live next to, who you're nice to, who you're not nice to, etc etc the list goes on for miles.
Did you know most expectant teens drop out of high school, or switch to onlin…

Hello Jessie and Kevin! How We Got To This Strong Adoption Relationship

My birth son's parent and my relationship is a very strong relationship. The day I knew that they were  to be the parents of the child I was expecting, I sent them an email. I'll be honest, due to the miscommunication of LDS this message took a long while to get through, and I couldn't originally figure out their correct email. So by the time the email went through, I knew they were my adoptive couple.

"Hello Jessie and Kevin!
I'm Makena Porter and I am a birth mom in Meridian, Idaho! I know lots about you but however I'm guessing you don't know a lot about me! I'm 16 and in high school, I'm going into web design and photography. I have a lot of family, I'm the middle child of 7 kids, I have two parents, my father passed away almost two years ago, and my mom is an amazing woman!  I hope to get to know you guys better and meet you guys soon too! And sorry I couldn't get to email you till today, my LDS counselor, Edene, gave me the wrong one…