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Mason Scott's Open Adoption and Placement

Happiness Comes From Within, Not "When"

Happiness. Where does it come from? Some people would say this, actually very many people have said this. "I will be happy when..." I'm pretty sure almost everyone has said that in some shape or form. The issue with only being happy when you get something or get to certain part in life, is that you will never be happy.

Being happy in the here and now is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself, especially to help you along through your trials. I remember when I was expecting Mason, that I would wish for things. I would always think to myself that once my boyfriend talked to me again, I would be happy. And the hardest part was, realizing that, him talking to me wasn't going to make me happy.

It bothers me when people live their lives in the future, because you can't. We are right now, in this day and age, here, not there. Hoping is not a bad thing, but hoping for happiness that is based on the outcomes of other things is, in my opinion. As an…

Why I Chose Open Adoption for My Baby: Written for

This guest post is by Makena, a birthmother. As a high school student and one of a handful of birth mothers in Idaho with an open adoption, explaining my situation to friends and acquaintances is complicated. How many high school girls know what a birth mother is? Not enough, to be honest. For many people, open adoption is a scary concept because it’s new and a different type of adoption than they’re used to. So why did I choose to place my son in an open adoption? The real question is how could I not have placed him? If I were parenting him right now, this is how it would be: I would go to school during the day and work in the evenings. Mason would be in daycare all day. We would be barely financially stable. Mason doesn’t sleep at night so I wouldn’t get any sleep either. I wouldn’t be able to give him nice toys, clothes, or be able to snuggle with him like children need, and he would have no father figure at home. Placing Mason in a financially stable home with a mother who would sp…